Warranty Information



Our jewelry is designed and created using the finest materials available. Each is assembled and created using state of the art design instruments and is hand polished and finished by old world craftsman using techniques and methods used by generations of fine craftsmen! We warranty our jewelry to be free from any manufacturer’s defects for 2 years from delivery! Naturally, normal metal wear or customer caused damage are not covered. Jewelry that has been “serviced” by any local jewelers, immediately voids warranty.


Our watches have been designed and created with the active first responder in mind. Watches are covered by a FULL 3 Year Warranty against manufacturers defect in the watch movement. This warranty does NOT cover normal wear and tear or customer caused damage such as damaged caused by a dropped watch, broken crystals, damaged stem and crown, water damage or watchband damage Water resistant watches will resist water intrusion under normal pressure. Diving, excessive water pressure , cracked crystals, worn gaskets and watches that have been “serviced” by local jewelers, will immediately void warranty. After battery change, watches are no longer considered fully “water resistant” to specs.