Custom Firefighter Maltese Cross Pendant – Quarter Size

Starting at $300.00 and up

  • Most of our pendants do not come with chains, the following Sterling Silver chain options can be added to your purchase to complete your necklace.

    These options are also available in 14K Yellow Gold, please call 516-662-2505 for price and availability on gold chains.

    Choose the Sterling Silver Chain Gauge
    • 25 $
    • 55 $


Now you fully customize your Maltese Cross with many different options. You can personalize with initials or numbers at the top or bottom and add letters, numbers, the star of life, 2 Horns, or 5 Horns with a center diamond in the center of the pendant.

  • Choose from 3 Sizes: Penny, Nickel, and Quarter Size
  • Available in Sterling Silver, 10 Karat or 14 Karat Gold
  • In Silver, White, Yellow or Two-Tone Colors

A chain is not included but can be added on to your purchase below.

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Sterling Silver, 10 Karat Yellow Gold, 10 Karat White Gold, 10 Karat Two-Tone Gold, 14 Karat Yellow Gold, 14 Karat White Gold, 14 Karat Two-Tone Gold

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